- the sustainable alternative for poles, marine piles, pole houses, and house foundations.

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WOPAS® - the sustainable alternative for utility power poles, marine piles, pole barns, and house foundations.

WOPAS products are non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, and environmentally friendly. The range of applications is broad and expanding. Poles for power lines, lighting, sports facilities, agriculture, and pole barns. Marine piles for docks, piers, and mooring. WOPAS glue-laminated timber for building structures, house foundations, and wooden bridges. All with the best working environment, long lifespan, patented technology, and proven materials - natural wood in recyclable drinking water plastic.

WOPAS product areas

WOPAS dolphins (dykdalber) in Sotekanalen

8 WOPAS dolphins (dykdalber) installed Dec 2020, filmed Feb 2021. WOPAS piles are non-toxic and resistant to shipworms. Natural wood encapsulated in 6 mm polyethylene of quality PE100RC.

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Cross section of WOPAS plastic coated power poles

Woopa's posts consist of natural wood of spruce or pine.

The post is then encapsulated in plastic for drinking water pipes which makes the posts more durable.

Wopas Concept


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WOPAS is the new alternative for power-, tele- and marine poles.

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