is the sustainable choice for poles, marine piles, pole houses, and house foundations.


WOPAS AS is an international start-up established in 2016 based in Ål, Hallingdal, Norway. WOPAS focuses on the opportunities provided by combining the material properties of wood and polyethylene into Wood Plastic Systems. This results in products that are exceptionally climate- and environmentally-friendly with long-term durability.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How can WOPAS products be so strong?

How are the products of WOPAS sold?

How are WOPAS products recycled?

What type of plastic does WOPAS use?

What type of wood material does WOPAS use?

How much is wood, and how much is plastic?

How does WOPAS handle UV radiation?


WOPAS is the new alternative for power-, tele- and marine poles.

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