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Assembly instructions on film

Visual instructions make it easier!

Through-bolts, curved washers and 3M putty.

The video demonstrates through-bolts with curved washers and sealing using 3M putty.

Cutting of WOPAS pole using pipe cutter and chain saw.

The pipe cutter provides precise cuts and allows for completely avoiding measures to handle plastic debris.

Application of WOPAS heat shrink end cap

.Resealing of cut pole/pile using a gas torch.

Earth wire with clamps

The video demonstrates how the earth wire is attached using clamps and screws with EPDM rubber washer.

Climbing on WOPAS poles, Hallingdal Kraftnett installing

Climbing in mast point 8 out of 13 in Ål Municipality, Norway, May 2019. The fitter is pleased with the climbing properties of the non-toxic WOPAS poles.

WOPAS system pile mooring float

WOPAS system pole is cylindrical. This provides advantages to the system. WOPAS mooring float, made entirely of PE. It's great for mooring the boat this way as the tide ebbs and flows.

WOPAS pole, Cresto fall protection equipment

Cresto showcases the correct fall protection equipment for climbing on WOPAS poles.

WOPAS and Atlas Copco driving 150 mm pile with hydraulic pile driver

WOPAS wooden pile encapsulated in polyethylene is significantly stronger than traditional wooden piles. This enables reduction of diameter which in turn enables easier installation and more flexible tools. Atlas Copco driver LPD-HD has 150 mm capacity. WOPAS pile is non-toxic and highly resistant to marine borers.

WOPAS pile driving with Atlas Copco hydraulic pile driver

Cost efficient pile driving in Moss, Oslo fjord. No access possible with heavy tools. Strong non toxic WOPAS piles with optimal pile geometry enabled use of handheld tools. WOPAS piles are 100% PE encapsulated to prevent ship worms.

Pile driving of WOPAS piles in Halden, Norway, May 2019

City development project of 150 piles for a jetty along river Tista. WOPAS used for a non-toxic environment and extended lifetime.

Linde energi using WOPAS´ poles

Lead fitter Peter Eriksson describes the work after 75 poles out of 110 on an 11 km 40 kV line.

WOPAS is the new alternative for power-, tele- and marine poles.

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