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Environmentally friendly utility power poles with a long lifespan.

WOPAS poles cover the entire spectrum from 1 m to 31 m and approximately 50 cm in but end diameter. Aside from being non-toxic, the WOPAS pole is highly compatible with a traditional wooden pole, both aesthetically and in terms of methods and fittings.

WOPAS poles deliver in terms of the future circular economy since both the wood (unlike impregnated wooden poles) and the PE jacket can be recycled into new products in the future. Circularity! WOPAS poles consist of approximately 85% renewable Scandinavian spruce or pine and 15% polyethylene, two-thirds of which is recycled and can also be recycled again!


- Non-toxic work environment (no toxins, no dust!)
- Zero soil contamination (beneficial for the environment and landowners)
- Possible placement in water and drinking water sources
- Storage without measures such as bark or sheeting
- Very long lifespan (80 years), the polyethylene is well-documented
- Significantly reduced risk of woodpecker damage
- Homogeneous timber with PE withstands harsh treatment
- 2/3 of the PE is recycled directly from the parent company Hallingplast AS
- No future cost for special waste/disposal, high residual value, ideal for the circular economy
- Untainted wood and PE are recyclable materials and can become other products in the future
- 35% stronger than traditional wooden poles

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WOPAS is the new alternative for power-, tele- and marine poles.

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