Linde Energy's

most environmentally friendly pole project

Linde energi, 11 km 40 kV

Linde Energi chose WOPAS to truly implement its Environmental and Sustainability Policy in practice. For this initiative, Linde Energi was nominated for the Environmental Strategy Award in 2019 for translating its environmental strategy into action by using non-toxic WOPAS poles in its grid.

Project: 11 km 40kV overhead line with WOPAS poles, 11-19 meters. Non-toxic work environment, zero emissions to water and soil, poles that store CO2, and future opportunities in a circular economy to recycle clean wood and polyethylene into new products have been decisive


Lead installer from Linde Energi describes his impressions from the project (Swedish).

WOPAS is the new alternative for power-, tele- and marine poles.

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