Life Cycle Analysis

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has, on behalf of Energiforsk, conducted calculations and comparisons of the environmental impact of various pole materials.

WOPAS had the lowest environmental impact in 6 out of 7 environmental impact categories. The report describes the results as follows:

The PE-coated wooden pole is the pole resulting in the lowest environmental impact among the studied poles in all environmental impact categories covered by the project, except for the category of ground-level ozone, where copper-impregnated wooden poles are marginally better. One contributing reason to this result is that the pole is made from renewable wood material and partially recycled polyethylene. Additionally, the pole is designed for both wood and plastic materials to be reused, resulting in a lower impact at the end of its life compared to if the pole were incinerated after use. The pole also has a low impact during the use phase as it, relatively to the impregnated wooden poles, does not emit metals or organic pollutants.


WOPAS is the new alternative for power-, tele- and marine poles.

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